Netease Sports reported on September 27:


Not long ago, the American player Lawson became the target of public criticism for posting insults to Chinese women on his personal social media. This incident has also brought a series of reactions after the continuous fermentation.


A week later, Lawson recorded a video to apologize for the matter, "I think you will say why I posted this apology video so late, but in fact I haven’t responded to the media on this matter because I want to go deeper. Learn about Chinese culture and understand why you are so angry. I understand now that this type of photo is unacceptable in your culture. Even if I didn’t mean to disrespect her, I apologize for understanding your position. ."


"You will never see me posting similar photos again. I think you are angry because it happened to be the same day as 9.18, which may have brought back bad memories. Maybe it’s because of Trump, because he often Say bad things about China, but we don’t like him either."


"Regarding that screenshot, we were just dancing. She is my old friend and we often come out to play together. The media associates this photo with the Cake I said. Cake said she has a very good figure, it's just that, nothing Other meanings, no disrespect for others."


"The media only caught this point and didn’t see other content. My friends and I were dancing and just playing together. Why did the media write this thing so badly? I’m a very approachable person. Less conflicts with others. Regarding the Starbucks incident, I was using headphones to video with others on my mobile phone. As you know, sometimes I forgot the volume when talking. I heard someone speak English, so I took off the headphones. , The person said to me'get out' and I said'you should be the one who should go out.' I think this is a trivial matter. If you come over and pat my shoulder and tell me,'Can you be quiet?' Will do it, it’s not a big deal. This is probably what happened."


"I once read this sentence in "People's Daily", "Respect is the first to win. I have always respected others. Whether it is coming to China to play and relax during the off-season, this matter has made me more aware. I appreciate Chinese culture. Thank you very much for listening. Thank you China. I have learned a lot here. I like China very much. I could go home at the end of the season, but I still stayed in China for three months, trying to see in different cities. Look, I don’t have time to visit cities like Guangzhou during the usual seasons. After going there, I like Guangzhou very much."


"If I offend anyone in this matter, including the government, leaders, fans, men, women, and children, I am really sorry, and I also apologize here, thank you."


The team has previously announced that it will not renew the contract with Lawson in the new season. It is reported that CBA has also included Lawson on the league's foreign aid blacklist.


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